Yateks P-UV Series Industrial Videoscope 6 mm OD Direct View Middle Focus

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• 6 mm Outer Diameter
• 3-50 mm Depth of Focus
• 4-Way Motorized Articulation
• 130° Articulation Range
• Resolution (624x624 pixels)
• 8-inch Touch Screen


InterTest UV LED Conformance Certificate for ASTM E3022
InterTest UV LED Conformance Certificate for ASTM E3022
Yateks - Length: 1 m (3.280')
Kits: Full System



Yateks P-UV Series Industrial Videoscope 6 mm OD Direct View Middle Focus

The P-UV series 6 mm diameter flexible videoscope is used for remote visual examinations where fluorescence is observed.  UV illumination, provided by the instrument, creates fluorescence in many materials.  The inspection techniques of Magnetic Particle Testing (MPI) and Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) enhance the visibility of discontinuities through fluorescent dyes.  Typical applications for these techniques include components used in aircraft and land-based engines, gun tubes, and many other mechanical parts.  The instrument meets the UV intensities required for these techniques.  See the UV Output Data tab for more information. The chart of measured output values is seen below. 

The P-UV 6 mm videoscope has a CMOS image process system with 160,000 pixels, providing ultra-clear images on an 8” touchscreen color display. A joystick control moves the instrument's distal tip through 360° of articulation to allow easy access within complex part geometry. 

The basic principle of using an Ultraviolet Borescope System is that when certain substances are exposed to ultraviolet light, there is a fluorescent reaction that can be easily observed. This process is used especially in Aerospace applications, to visually detect small discontinuities in components of Aircraft Engines.  The P-UV Series meets or exceeds the common UV Light requirements to enable (FPI), Fluorescent Penetrate Inspection, or (MPI), Magnetic Particle Inspection. 


Dimensions / Weight

246 x 321 x 123 mm / 2.3 kg

Display Screen

8″ IPS industrial HD touch LCD screen with 1024 x 768 resolution (4:3 aspect ratio)

Control Lever

Electric rocker, 360-degree rotation, articulation lock, automatic set


Image capture, video recording, playback, articulation, illumination control


32 GB high-speed SD card (Up to 128 GB)

I/O port

SD card, HDMI port (1024 x 768), charge and mini USB


Four rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion batteries

Brightness Control

5 level adjustment

Full System

Monitor, cable, probe, 8 batteries, battery charger, power supply, HDMI cable, USB cable, shoulder strap, 32 GB SD card, SD card adapter


Interchangeable with all P series probe sizes, lengths, and styles except for 3D measurement

Operating System

Real-time multifunctional operating system

User Interface

Touchscreen operation menu

File Management

Auto or manual file folder creation, rename files

Image Control

Digital zoom, image and video playback, freeze-frame, flip image, mirror image

Image Format/Video Format



English / Chinese / Korean / German / Russian / Japanese

Color Settings

4 modes for different applications

White Balance

Automatic, manual white balance

Exposure Mode

Automatic, manual

Firmware Update

Via SD card service pack

Monitor Working Temperature


Probe Working Temperature


Relative Humidity

Highest 90%, no condensation

IP Rating

Monitor IP54 / Probe IP67

UV Output Data

The data below represents typical results from new units. Results are intended as a general informational benchmark and may vary. 

Distance to Target (inches)

UV Intensity (μW/cm^2)

UV Peak Output Wavelength (nm)

0.50 12,800 367.6
1.00 4,500
1.50 2,100
2.00 1,200

*The unit used for the test: EM15591-00IT- Yateks P-UV HD Series 6.0 mm OD Direct View x 2.0 m length


Operations Manual

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