Yateks Realta 3D Measurement Scope Monitor

InterTestSKU: EM10039

• 3D Measurement Monitor ONLY
• HD Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
• Intuitive touchscreen software
• Quickly change probes



Yateks Realta 3D Measurement Scope Monitor

The Yateks Realta 3D Measurement Scope Monitor is a high-definition IPS monitor, allowing users to view and control the product's 3D measurements/mapping features in ultra-high clarity. The monitor comes complete with touchscreen capability for intuitive software operation and quick measurements at your fingertips. The menu screen and features are intuitive as expected from any Yateks video borescope product.

Users can simultaneously broadcast the monitor image on smartphones or TVs via wireless signal or wired mini HDMI for multi-viewing and sharing.

Quickly change the modular probes on the back side of the monitor for a fully versatile and user-friendly experience.

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