Various Retrieval Tool Strengths and Advantages in FOD Removal

Retrieval operations, whether in the general manufacturing, aerospace/aviation, automotive, or power generation industry, often involve navigating through complex and often inaccessible locations to remove foreign object debris (FOD). This is where retrieval tools, with their unique designs and practical uses, come into the picture.

Watch how to use various retrieval tool jaw sets in various FOD removal applications.


Purposes of Retrieval Tool Jaws

The main Retrieval tools are specifically designed to capture and remove FOD that might hinder operations or pose a potential risk if left unchecked. They come particularly handy in environments where human access could prove challenging, dangerous, or even impossible. These tools, in combination with remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment like video borescopes, provide remote access solutions that help you safely and efficiently manage your FOD challenges.

The Diversity in Design

Retrieval tool jaws vary significantly in design, each one capable of handling different types of FOD in different types of FOD removal applications.

Three-Prong Gripper

iGrab 3-prong FOD retrieval device- InterTest

Image: Three-Prong Gripper Retrieval Tool

The old stalwart, Three-Prong Retrieval Tools are ideal for picking up a wide range of items, from small machine parts to larger, more unwieldy objects. Their adjustable prongs can grip around objects from almost any angle.

Snare Loop

iGrab snare FOD retrieval tool- InterTestImage: Snare Design FOD Retrieval Tool

Due to its design and functionality, the Snare Retrieval Tool is particularly adept at securely retrieving round, elongated, or irregularly shaped objects that other tools might struggle to handle. These could include parts such as lost bolts, oddly shaped shards, or cylindrical objects that have found their way into inaccessible areas.

Alligator JawiGrab alligator jaw FOD retrieval tool- InterTest

Image: Alligator Jaw FOD Retrieval Tool 

Characterized by its alligator-like clamping mechanism, the Alligator Jaw Retrieval Tool allows for a secure grip and enhanced control over the captured FOD. Similar to the Long Tooth Jaw Retrieval Tool and the Gripping Plier Retrieval Tool, these tools offer an exceptional method of  retrieval for objects requiring strong grip strength and exceptional control, such as objects that are amidst other fixtures or lodged within complex machinery.

Cup ForcepsiGrab cup forceps FOD retrieval tool

Image: Cup Forceps FOD Retrieval Tool 

The Cup Forceps Retrieval Tool is a versatile and effective solution tailored specifically for recovering a variety Foreign Object Debris (FOD). The tool's stellar capabilities are showcased when extracting round, smooth, or delicate objects that often pose challenges for other retrieval tools. Its cup-like design allows it to gently encompass and securely hold spherical or bulbous objects, such as loose bearings, pebbles, marbles, or other similar forms of FOD.

Toothed ClamiGrab toothed clam FOD retrieval tool- InterTest

Image: Toothed Clam FOD Retrieval Tool
The Toothed Clam Retrieval Tool specializes offers many similar capabilities to the Cup Forceps Jaw design, allowing small FOD to be fully encapsulated by the tool creating a secure method of retrieval. This jaw differs from the cup forceps with its serrated lined jaw providing durable gripping ability to any overhanging FOD, granting it the ability to retrieve objects larger than the tools jaw.

Fork and TineiGrab fork and tine FOD retrieval tool- InterTest

Image: Fork and Tine FOD Retrieval Tool 
The Fork and Tine Retrieval Tool's unique design makes it highly effective in the retrieval and removal of flexible or delicate objects that other retrieval tools may mishandle. The tines of the tool can gently grasp such objects offering an enhanced grip which proves particularly useful when dealing with materials such as rubber, softer plastics, fabrics, or even debris encapsulated within a protective casing.

Four-Wire Nitinol Basket 4-wire nitinol basket retrieval tool 

Image: Four-Wire Nitinol Basket FOD Retrieval Tool

The Four-Wire Nitinol Basket Retrieval Tool exhibits an excellent capacity in grasping small, delicate, or challenging objects that other retrieval tools might find difficult. This uniquely designed tool retrieves small to medium-sized debris including objects that are round, cube-shaped, or have multi-faceted surfaces. The Nitinol basket aptly encapsulates and secures these items, reducing the risk of slippage during extraction. 

Viper Jaw

iGrab viper jaw FOD retrieval tool- InterTest
Image: Viper Jaw FOD Retrieval Tool
Designed to mimic the grip of a viper's jaw, the Viper Jaw Retrieval Tool excels in securing and extracting objects that are notoriously challenging to retrieve by preventing slippage of the object.  

Magnetic Retrieval

iGrab 8 mm Magnet Manual FOD Retrieval Tools- InterTest

Image: Magnetic FOD Retrieval Tool

The Magnetic FOD Retrieval Tool is perfect for picking up ferrous metal items. Magnetic tools swiftly remove material like bolts, screws, or other metallic debris that could damage machinery or inflict harm if unattended.


At InterTest, we understand the necessity of tailored retrieval solutions. With process safety and efficiency in mind, our array of grippers aid in providing the most effective FOD retrieval procedures.

FOD removal is not something to overlook; it's a critical part of maintaining safe and running operations. Choose your pick amongst a suite of retrieval tools to ensure you're never caught off guard. To learn more about our bespoke retrieval tools, contact InterTest today and move toward a safer and more efficient future.