Cavitar Wide Angle Weld Training Setup

InterTest Custom Engineering Capabilities
• Plug-and-play, ultra-high clarity weld viewing camera kit with monitor
• High-resolution pixel sensor with integrated laser lighting system and cooling system for high-temperature applications
• Rugged tablet with video recording features for more effective instruction
• High load articulating camera mount for dynamic maneuverability



Safety is a crucial aspect of welding procedures. When instructing individuals on welding, it is essential to ensure that they understand and adhere to safety protocols to avoid harm to themselves and others. However, this may impede the welding process's optimal viewing angle and impact the instruction's effectiveness.

Traditional weld demonstration methods limit the amount of viewers that can see the live weld at once. This creates inefficient instructions to larger groups and may raise questions regarding the method. Therefore, welding instruction occurs in smaller groups and requires more time to address any student misunderstandings. 

A welding school came to InterTest asking to assemble an educational welding package featuring the Cavitar Welding Camera that would optimize the instructional methods. The camera technology is known to produce impressive images of live welding on large screens, so it would eliminate the need for traditional observation methods of students crowded around an instructor, welding curtains blocking viewing, and most importantly, allowing for safer training conditions.  


Each of the components of this custom-engineered package needed to be rugged, durable, and easily adjustable to accommodate the harsh conditions and needs of a welding classroom. The Cavitar Welding Camera offered the ideal solution to capture real-time welding demonstrations: a high-resolution image with its (1440 x 1080) pixel sensor with laser illumination, adjustable optics, and a built-in cooling system. The camera shows the torch tip, base metal, and weld puddle of almost any welding application in real-time or recorded playback. 

The solution required a rugged tablet PC, the Dell Latitude 7220 11.6" Full HD Tablet, to run the camera and provide recording in the presence of harsh welding conditions. This tablet was to be mounted on a custom 3D-printed mount attached to an articulating mount for a tablet PC. The Cavitar welding camera was to be mounted on a separate high-load articulating arm mount, allowing the user to easily position the camera to the desired position and angle to ensure an optimal viewpoint for every demo. 

Furthermore, the topic of engineering a custom cable port protector emerged to guarantee optimal performance and prevent potential issues in the welding environment. 


The all-new Cavitar Weld Training Package facilitated hands-on learning experiences, provided a safer method of welding demonstration, and captured detailed images even in challenging welding environments.

This package allows students to easily observe the positioning and pacing of the instructors' torch and weld puddle, significantly reducing students' uncertainty when comparing their attempts to the instructed techniques. 

For educators, this package offered an effective way to present live or recorded demonstrations, allowing countless people to view and rewatch footage from a beneficial angle, saving time while improving comprehension. 

InterTest recognizes the opportunity this presents to the welding education industry and is working to streamline the Cavitar educational package. We consult with each customer's unique needs and offer various levels of standby assistance. Feedback from the initial customers will be used to enhance this package before its launch.

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