SeeUV® Horizontal Reach Free Standing WebViewer® w/ UV Camera

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SeeUV® Horizontal Reach Free Standing WebViewer® w/ UV Camera

The SeeUV® Free Standing Horizontal Reach WebViewer® is a pad-mounted stand and boom that includes manual control (motorized optional) vertical and horizontal travel of the Webviewer body. This specific WebViewer® UV camera system uses a horizontal orientation that allows the WebViewer® camera head to achieve a horizontal reach for specific inspection applications. It is a UV camera inspection tool that is ideal for FPI and MT inspection on the internals of combustion turbine drums and spools. Encoded elevation values, horizontal travel, and horizontal radial reach are displayed on-screen.


The system meets or exceeds aviation industry requirements for visual acuity, quality of UV light, and mechanical repeatability to assure scan overlap.

UV Output Data

The data below represents typical results as seen from new optical adapters. Results are intended as a general informational benchmark and may vary based on the light guide and UV light source used. 

Distance to Target (inches) 0⁰
DOV UV Intensity (μW/cm2)
60⁰ AFT DOV UV Intensity (μW/cm2) 90⁰ AFT DOV UV Intensity (μW/cm2) 60⁰ FWD DOV UV Intensity (μW/cm2) 90⁰ FWD DOV UV Intensity (μW/cm2)
1.00 21,800 35,000 33,000 36,000 35,000
2.00 6,000 11,000 12,000 13,500 11,500
3.00 3,700 5,600 6,300 6,400 5,000
4.00 2,000 3,200 3,500 3,700 2,900
5.00 1,400 2,000 N/A 2,500 -
5.25 - - 2,000 - -

Light Source used for the test: EM14465 - iShot UV-LED Light Source Kit

UV intensity measured from the center of FOV 


System Information Drawing

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