SeeUV® MZ5™ Field System (FS) for Gun Tube & Large Bores

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• High Definition Dual Camera View
• UV & white LED illumination
• Linear, angle, & radius measurement capability
• Designed for MPI & FPI Inspection of Gun Tubes and Large Bores



SeeUV® MZ5™ Field System (FS) for Gun Tube & Large Bores

The SeeUV® MZ5™ Field System (FS) for Gun Tubes and large Bores is a dual-view camera system that uses white and UV illumination, insertion poles with centering fixtures, and recording/annotation software to examine bore internals. The MZ5™ FS is designed to locate, identify, and record high-contrast surface flaws of bore inner diameters standard in gun tube components but may be used in any fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) and magnetic particle inspection (MPI) inspection method.

The independent white and UV illumination light sources provide an inspector with the ability to illuminate and detect high-contrast flaw indications. These include surface cracks, pitting, and deterioration on bore IDs over time and use.

MZ5™ FS  supports HD video and 13-megapixel still image control, capture, and annotation through InterTest's DocuView 2 software. Included with the MZ5™ FS, this software brings powerful image processing and file organization to the field location where inspections occur.

The MZ5™ FS is the field inspection version of its parent, the MZ5 Inspection System. Both systems are designed for gun tube or bore inspection, but the MZ5™ FS utilizes portable extension pole mechanics that collapse into smaller sections, making it easier for transport inside their compact, durable carrying cases.

It provides visible and ultraviolet (UV) illumination while viewing the surfaces with high-definition video and can capture 13-megapixel photos. The high-performance image sensors are matched to display and capture hardware.

This is a field deployable or general shop and lab system. See the SeeUV® MZ5™ HD-UV Inspection System for Gun Tube & Large Bores for a bench-top, laboratory, shop inspection system.

Tube and Long Bore Applications:

MZ5 FS standard centering fixtures and extension poles support the visual examinations of 105, 120, and 155 mm diameter tubes at lengths up to 40’. Lighting and camera resolution support the inspection of tubes from 80 to 230 mm in diameter and lengths up to 60’ with the addition of optional hardware. The head contains two cameras that may be switched between a wide field down-tube view and a right-angle view. Both cameras operate in HD video or 13 MP still capture modes, each with independent white and UV illumination controls.



 Camera Specifications
 Image Sensor    1/2.45"-type Exmor CMOS
 Video Resolution  1600 x 1200 (UXGA) (Forward) 1980 x 1020 (Side)
 Still Image  up to 13 Megapixel (4192 x 3104)
 Forward View (FOV)  127º x 95º (H x V)
 Side View (FOV)   53º X 29º (H x V )
 Mechanical Specifications
 Diameter   2.25" 
 Length  Base 28' (5' Sectional Poles) , 43' max length
 Centering Fixtures  105 mm, 120 mm, 155 mm 
 Pole Markings  1" increments with 6" call outs
 Illumination System
Forward LEDs  UV, 365nm (4), Visible (4)
Side View LEDs  UV, 365nm (4), Visible (4)
Intensity Control   Fore & Aft for UV & Visible
 System Features


*Specifications are Subject to Change Without Notice


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