SeeUV® PoleCam HD 0º DOV Optical Adapter

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SeeUV® PoleCam HD 0º DOV Optical Adapter

Use this adapter to give the SeeUV® PoleCam HD 1000 a directly forward, 0º, direction of view. The field of view is relatively more comprehensive than the 45º, 60º, and other 90º adapters.

UV Output Data

The data below represents typical results as seen from new units. Results are intended as a general informational benchmark and may vary based on the light guide and UV light source used.

Distance to Target (inches)

EM16312 - 0° Optical Adapter

UV Intensity (μW/cm^2)

EM15477 - 90° Optical Adapter

UV Intensity (μW/cm^2)

1.00 40,000 42,000
2.00 13,000 15,000
3.00 6,500 8,400
4.00 3,800 4,100

Light Source used for the test: EM14465 - iShot UV-LED Light Source Kit

*Values rounded to the nearest hundredth.

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