Visible Welding® WeldWatch® HD Demo & Tutoring Welding Station Standard EDU Package

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• Welding instructor tool to teach welding remotely or in-person
• Show the base metal, puddle and tip for comprehensive teaching
• Recorded demos for online or in-person classes
• Playback in slow-motion and recall for later review
• Replay and review student's weld with student
• Give student specific items to practice



Visible Welding® WeldWatch® HD Demo & Tutoring Welding Station Standard EDU Package

The Visible Welding® WeldWatch® HD Demo and Tutoring Station EDU package combines the zoom weld camera with our proprietary software to create a powerful weld teaching accelerator tool for in-person and remote weld learning. Instructors can find it challenging to give welding lessons that only a few students can see up front.  With the EDU package, welding demonstrations can be shown online or on a local big-screen display where all can see.

With built-in digital recording, demos can be reviewed over and over again to students. On-screen playback frees the instructor to narrate and engage the students instead of being hidden under a helmet. This is especially useful in the online learning environment


  • Live on-screen views allow instructor demos to be seen by the whole class in person or online.
  • Record student's weld for 1-on-1 coaching while watching a close-up of beads and puddles.
  • Record welding technique for easy review by students.
  • Optical zoom allows close-ups of arc, electrode, puddle and joint during the weld.


  • Live demos for online learning or big-screen display
  • Recorded demos for class
  • Playback in slow-motion and recall for later review
  • Share and trade demos with other schools
  • 1-on-1 tutoring
  • Live coaching by the instructor watching the close-up screen
  • Replay and review the student's weld with the student
  • Give student-specific items to practice
  • Encourage student video-making to “learn by teaching”

Camera Features

  • Full Color, resolutions up to 1280x1024
  • Up to 30 fps (frames-per-second) at 1280x800
  • Built-in optical zoom
  • All digital processing, no special filters required
  • Flexible camera arm and swivel mounts allow shots of all welding angles – even overhead
  • Locking steel case for PC and keyboard

WeldWatch.EDU™ Software for schools

  • Integrated Automatic Recording and Playback
  • Separate handling of temporary student test videos and protected instructor demos
  • Auto deletion of old temporary videos as space is needed


Resolution 1280(H)x1024(V)
Interface USB 3.0
Sensor format 2/3 inch
Sensor type Monochrome/ Color
Pixel pitch 6.8µm
Mode Rolling/Global shutter/ Differential
Spectral response Visible
Dynamic range 140dB typical
ADC 14 bits
Frame rate 37 fps
Trigger IN/OUT (LVTTL)
Power consumption < 1.5W
Power Range 4 to 12V
Dimension 48.6x48.6x47.4mm
Lens 3x Zoom
Weight < 700kg
Temperature Range 0°C to +70°C

Items Included


WeldWatchHD® Weld Camera Software Manual


WeldWatch-HD Camera

WeldWatch Dimensional Drawing


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