XBlock® Handheld Block Camera Controller

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• High-Definition, handheld Controller for Sony FCB-EV Block Module Cameras
• Control all camera functions from the palm of your hand
• 9-Volt Battery or DC Power supply (power adapter included)



The XBlock® Handheld Block Camera Controller is a high-definition controller that operates Sony® FCB-EV Block Module cameras and any camera that utilizes the Sony® VISCA protocol. This portable camera control unit (CCU) connects to a Sony module or an XBlock® Camera housing with a 9-pin RS-232 connector to provide communication only.* This CCU supports 720p or 1080p progressive formats and can switch between NTSC and PAL transmission rates supporting a 9,600 baud rate via serial cable. The material composition of the controller is PA12 nylon and is RoHS compliant.

The controller operates most camera functions from the controller including zoom, freeze, focus, gain, shutter, and iris controls. Additional button functions include auto focus and exposure as well as access to menu functions.  

The handheld is powered by a 9-volt battery or a DC power supply, however, it does not supply the camera module with power. This allows the pendant to be interchanged between cameras without the need to shut off the camera. 

*The controller provides communication to cameras only. Power must be supplied separately.


Operation is plug-and-play with a simplistic button design. The auto features (freeze, autofocus, and autoexposure) are toggled on and off separately from their respective buttons. 

Zoom, focus, gain, shutter, and iris control are controlled with the up and down arrow buttons. Other buttons include a menu and enter button allowing the user to toggle through the menu function on the compatible camera.  



3.125” L, 1.75" W, 5.7” H, 5.9” to top of DB9 Connector

Power Supply

9-Volt Battery, DC power supply (adapter included)

Transmission Rates


Progressive Formats

720p or 1080p

Baud Rate

9,600 signal units/second


PA 12 Nylon (RoHS compliant)


Compatible Sony® Camera Models: 

Sony FCB-EV9520L  - EM18860

Sony FCB-EV9500L - EM17278

Sony FCB-EV9500MEM17277

Sony FCB-EV7520/JEM13350

Compatible Sony® Legacy Cameras Models: 

Sony FCB-EV7520A - EM13855

Sony FCB-EV7100 - EM13346

Sony FCB-ES8230 - EM14183

(Any Sony® Camera that runs VISCA protocol)


EM12370- Brochure and Control Function Sheet

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