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The WeldWatch® HD Demo & Tutoring Welding Station System was designed specifically to aid instructors in teaching and get more students on the path to a career in welding. Today, acredited trade schools and universitites use the this technology regularly in the welding classroom.

With top of the line equipment that is easy to setup and use, instructors have everything they need with the WeldWatch® HD Video Camera System to teach more effectively. Students can take what they have learned through demonstrations and then apply it one-on-one with their instructor making them better welders. The community of student and instructor welders working together to share skills and create a cohesive group is priceless. 

Here are 6 ways the WeldWatch® HD Demo & Tutoring Welding Station System enhances welding instruction and education:


    1. Ease of Setup
    • Step-by-step setup insturctions to get you running quickly 
    • Swing arm components attach easily attach to most welding/work benches.
    • Complete System: Camera, swing arm mounts and touch-screen.
    • The included PC comes loaded with the Visible Welding software to plug-and-play


    1. Ease of Use
    • Quickly get shot you need with swing arm and zoom lens
    • Flexible swing arm allows quick camera placement anywhere above the welding workstation
    • Auto Focus, Auto Exposure, and Auto Recording allow the instructor to 
    • Automatic recording trigged by arc
    • Records standard AVI video files and high-quality stills
    • Playback videos at normal speed or slow motion.
    • WeldWatch GUI software has large, well-labeled, welder-friendly buttons.


    1. Powerful Camera Technology
    • See the torch tip, leading/trailing edges of the weld pool, feed wire and base metals during the weld.
    • An industry highest dynamic range allows captures the super-bright light of welding
    • Single-frame dynamic range of 140 dB (10,000,000:1)
    • Inter-frame dynamic range of 180 dB (1,000,000,000:1).
    • The quality of our recorded videos speaks for itself


    1. Classroom Weld Demonstrations
    • Live welding can be put on a large display for an entire class, not just a few in the front row.Welding classroom with WeldWatch HD EDU*image for illustrative purposes only
    • This frees instructors from repeated demos to give everyone a view so instructors can do more 1-on-1 work with students.
    • Students can view a live weld on-screen from a safe area without cumbersome helmets or face shield.
    • With demos recorded, students can review the demo if they need refreshing.


    1. “One on One” Weld Tutoring
    • The weld instructor can watch multiple students welding onscreen at once as the welding is taking place.
      Welding booth
    • After the weld, instructor and student review the recorded weld video together.
    • With a clear recordings of areas to improve, the student can go back to their weld booth to practice – with a specific purpose.


    1. Collective, Shared Learning
    • Video files created can be saved building a library of demos (proper welds as well as common errors).
    • Share amongst the welding community any recorded videos or pictures are easily saved and shared with colleagues in and out of the classroom.
    • Unique opportunities to gain insight from other instructors.


    Contact our team of experts to learn more about welding camera technology and see if you qualify for our educational institution discount.