iGrab™ Vacuum Articulating FOSAR 1/2-inch Diameter Tool

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• 3-meter vacuum articulating guide tube for FOSAR applications
• 1/2-inch diameter
• Four-Way Articulation
• Handheld portable monitor



Retrieval tools are ideal devices for retrieving foreign object debris (FOD) in areas that are not easily accessible. FOD can be anything from tiny granules or buildup to midsized metal shavings or screws to large wrenches or tools that were dropped during a maintenance procedure. Due to the various types of FOD, there are different retrieval tools and jaws specialized to remove the specific FOD in a reliable, safe manner. 

In this situation, an aerospace and aviation customer specializing in manufacturing and maintenance needed a retrieval tool to remove small granular buildup from turbines and jet engines during maintenance and repair overhaul (MRO) procedures.


This application mandated the need for a foreign object search and retrieval (FOSAR) tool that would allow the operator to illuminate and see the FOD being retrieved. The device also required enough tensile strength to be pushed through the narrow passageways while still being able to articulate at the tip to allow for precise movements.  Due to the nature and location of the FOD, jaw sets like the spoons or cups would not reliably retrieve the tiny sediment efficiently, so a vacuum-based tool would need to be custom-engineered for a safe and reliable retrieval procedure during the aircraft component inspections


The solution was a vacuum-articulating guide tube with an outer diameter of 0.5 inches and an inner diameter of 0.25 inches. The entire probe reached over 9.5 feet with a 6-inch articulating tip. This device offered a robust probe design to withstand multiple inspection procedures and a portable monitor. While initially designed with the aviation and aerospace industry in mind, this device has endless applications in various industries.  

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